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1992 Toyota 2.5GT TWIN turbo

Knoxville, TN

Documentation (pdf files created with Acrobat 7.0)
JZA70 Docs: 90 MKIII TSRM:
Connector Mappings
Soarer Diagrams 1JZ-GTE

Chaser Wiring Diagrams (6Mb)
(Courtesy of www.supras.org.nz)

These documents have been translated and created from original sources to aid with the 1JZ swap to the best of our ability. These documents are being provided as is with no guarantee of accuracy.

If any errors are discovered please provide the descripton of the error to the webmaster and it will be verified and corrected ASAP.



Many thanks to my Japanese friends,
Takeshi Oneshi and Manasori Banno for their help with the 1JZ diagrams.
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