Rick's Place

1992 Toyota 2.5GT TWIN turbo

Knoxville, TN

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Supra JZA70 site. Good tips and articles. Turbos

Up and coming forum.

Forums for the
Where I bought my JZA70 clip. Mfg. performance parts
Mfg. performance parts Import and domestic performanc parts
Discount for SOGI and SupraStreet Discount for SOGI members. Best place to order OEM 1JZ parts.
Aluminum Driveshafts Mfg. performance parts
JZ oil sensor mod courtesy of MKIV.com Mfg. Performance parts
Mfg. Performance parts ECM
ECM Oil filter relocation
Pillar pods SOGI
MKIII JZA70 forum 700+HP MKIII
Turbos Performance Parts Store
Turbos Turbos
Import Performance Parts Thanks Takeshi for the diagrams!
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