Rick's Place

1992 Toyota 2.5GT TWIN turbo

Knoxville, TN

Here are some of the AFPR I installed as well as one of where I hid the AVCR stuff...

Okay - here is the motor in and just about donejust finishing up the other I/C pipe and minor odds and ends. This is before I tracked down the bad ECU though.

Here is the I/C this guy had to use.

It was too big in my opinion and had poor end tank design - but even still, it made the numbers!

Here are some of the I/C hard pipes I made up...
Here is some pics of the exhaust Damon made up for it....

sounds mean!

Just like a single turbo'd MKIV!

Damon did this swap for someone else. He found out the ECU was bad. Did a nice job. See his comments to the left.

Just found out that the MKIII that I did the 1JZ swap in got back from getting tuned....
Baseline rwhp : 274 untuned!!!!!
After being tuned : 330 rwhp!!!!!!!!
That is only at 15 psi w/ everything stock but a K&N, 3" exhaust and a less than ideal I/C.
I am pretty damn impressed. Even untuned that is bad ass considering that the motor is only rated at 280 crank stock!
Cant wait to do a 1JZ swap to a MKII!
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