Rick's Place

1992 Toyota 2.5GT TWIN turbo

Knoxville, TN

Andrew Carroll
Sarasota, Florida

1989 turbo targa w/130K miles

Purchased June 2003
$1,500 with a blown motor

Project cost $7,000 including the car

(great for overall cost of a 12 sec(if I can get traction) project car

The time it took to do the swap was around 8 weeks (on and off, I didn’t work on it every day)
Trust MX downpipe, 3”
3” CAT eliminator pipe
Greddy Sport Exhaust, 3”
RPS stage 3 solid hub clutch
Resurfaced flywheel
Autozone intake pod filter
Blitz super sound BOV/ + stock BOV
Power Enterprises timing belt
Autometer EGT, A/F, oil pressure gauges
Torsen 4.10 rear diff
JZA70 driveshaft
JZA70 intercooler
JZA70 fuel pump
Turbo boss engine mounts(poly)
Koyo radiator/ Toms 1.3bar cap

Ready to drop in the 1JZ...

Big down pipe

JARCO front clip: $2,695 + shipping

Just painted

Ready to roll!

Dyno sheet. Click to enlarge.

1/4 mile: 13.74@103.66
(no traction, bald tires, spun 1,2,3gear)


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