New Coilovers

So I haven’t updated the site in a long time. Actually it has been since I went live with everything. I wanted to update and show that I have now bought and installed Fortune Auto 500 coilovers and installed them last weekend (4/14/19). First off the car needed new suspension. The KYB shocks on it were really old. They were older than 2003 from what I have been told by my dad when he bought them. I want to say we got them with the half clip which means they came from Japan and were even older. The car only had ~60k miles on it too. This isn’t really a guide, it is just to update and show progress on the car. There are plenty of guides on the forums and other sites on how to install coilovers on the MK3 supra.


Lets start here first. Here’s a shot of before and we all know the ride height is almost on par with an off road truck.

Man they look amazing! Love the green too.

I went with FA 500 with swift springs. Got them online at amazon and coupled with my amazon prime CC points took about $100 off and also earned me about another $80 back (5% for those that don’t know how the CC works with amazon).

While I waited on help to show up I went ahead and swapped out the old rear hatch gasĀ  piston arms. Those were a major pain. Took way longer than I thought and I didn’t do it fully by the book. I believe now I have clips (6) unhooked on both sides and the only way to get them back on is to take the seats out and all the back trim. Saved that for another day.

Here’s the fronts and my gosh the front right was a PAIN to change because you have to remove the upper control arm which means you have this long freaking bolt to remove which hits the windshield wiper fluid plastic holder. This by far was the worst shock to remove.

Another view of the front passenger shock.

Another view of the front passenger side as we’re working on it.

On the rear shocks we had the, not sure what to call it, but like a metal bushing or metal collar that the bolt went through. Kind of hard to see in the picture. With over 100 ft/lbs of torque on them, it tends to push those in. We had a solution to push it out because you can’t fit the new coilovers in if it’s pushed in.

Take an extension, and a socket that is small enough to go through the main hole on the lower control arm.

Then put the socket on backwards and use a hammer to knock it back until it is flush like you see in the first picture.

They are finally in!!! Took about a whole days work to do all this which included trips to harbor freight to buy a spring compressor and other fun tools.

Here’s the front after height adjustment. We did the rear first and took 2 times to adjust height to where I wanted it. Amazingly enough, the fronts took only one time to setup and the height was great.

Think we can actually lower the rear a little more but I’m holding off until I get my new Enkei PF05 wheels. Just ordered them so won’t get them until late May 2019 sadly.

Here’s show shots of the cars ground clearance. Also you’ll notice my Tanabe Exhaust could move over to the right some. Going to have my guy look at that for me. Could be as simple as the hangers are too old.

And that’s it. Car handles SO much better. I couldn’t believe how much better it handled. No more body roll and it does turns so much better now. Can’t wait to get my new wheels and tires so I stop sliding or burning out on take offs.

I’ll get some more pics of the side. Waiting on a good day to go somewhere and have my friend take some pictures with his nice camera. Or if you’re on the FB supra groups I’m sure I’ll post a pic up there soon.

***Update 2/2/2020***

Got the new wheels on her. EnkeiĀ  PF05 18×8.5 wheels. And Michelin PS4 225 fronts and 255 rear.


Thanks for reading!